Don't settle for chaos, develop with a process 

I know what I want my software product to do.

I have the development team to make it happen.

But I need someone to lead and tie everything together.

How do I take it from conceptual thoughts to real working software?         

How do I control budget and timeline?

Is there a process to make sure mistakes are caught early?       

Are requirements fully understood by the developers, are we all on the same page?

What happens if I change my mind of what I want after it’s been developed? 

 Is there a way to keep this all organized?

The good news is that all of these challenges can be substantially mitigated with the correct process, knowledge and experience

Product Roadmap

High level overview of the product to keep everyone aligned with the goal

Detailed Requirements

Evaluate what needs to be developed today and what should wait; make sure everyone understands the requirements

Short, Focused Sprints

Bitesize development sprints to keep budget and timeline at the forefront

Frequent Deliverables 

Ensure the product aligns with your needs and mistakes are caught early

Hi, I’m Dani

I’ve worked on software products of different size scopes in multiple industries, with both in-house and outsourced development teams and both internal and monetized products

The breath of my experience has given me exposure to a wide array of challenges that manifest in software development putting me in a strong position to facilitate development

Additionally, I have formal training in project management & product management as well as certification as a Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner; providing me a full toolbox to utilize as appropriate on projects

"Highly efficient...have a unique talent in being able to translate big ideas into reality – constantly moving towards the goal, while squeezing every last detail to the max to ensure the live project is at its optimum form”

Racheli Fakheri

"We worked with Dani on several projects and he always helped us strategize the best way to develop to meet our goals within our budget"


"He is down to earth and thorough. He knows what businesses need and how to tailor custom solutions for each situation"


Michael Lebovic

"Running a software project is tough. Dani has been a pleasure to deal with and really helped guide us. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in the midst of a software project who would like it to be done in an orderly and effective manner"

Mendel Grossbaum
How long is your typical engagement?

While all agreements are month-to-month and I don't draft long term contracts, typically the expected engagement will be at least three months.

There is an initial time commitment to become familiar with the company, product and team which is difficult to allow for on shorter projects.

Where are you based out of?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Will you travel to my office/facility?

I work almost entirely remotely. In the rare case when travel is deemed necessary I will travel to destinations which will allow me to return on the same day by plane or car.

Travel expenses and per diem fees are billed separately from the engagement.

What development languages do you work with?

My role in the product is not related to the specific development language, framework or hardware. That is in the development team's domain.

I have worked on products in a variety of languages and hardware types.

Can you help me find the right developers, designers, writers etc?

While I make every effort to help my clients including leveraging my network of specialist for potential team members; I do not take responsibility for their vetting and hire. The client is responsible to ensure a competent team is in place and working as committed.

Which project management software do you use?

It varies from project to project as I believe ultimately what is most important is knowing how to effectively run the project not the choose of software.

Common project management softwares I use are Coda for backlog management and Github for development task and sprint planning.

What if my needs are different than your typical packages?

Not everyone's needs fit perfectly into the typical packages, I'm happy to discuss your specific needs and see if I can be of assistance.

How do I know you'll give my project the attention it needs?

I specifically limit the number of engagements I will take simultaneously to avoid this issue. The time that I dedicate to your project is your time and set aside for you. 

Once I hire you do I need to be involved?

Every product most have a product owner whose role is to fully understand the context of requirements and their priorities. My role is to work with the product owner and development team to bring the two worlds together to a finished product.

By hiring me you will reduce the amount of time you need to be involved in the product but should still expect to allocate at least 8 hours a month towards the product.

How many hours a month can I expect you to dedicate to my project?

Product planning engagements average 20 hours a month of time divided between meetings, documentation, research and communication.

Typical Engagements

Monthly Guidance


Monthly Meeting: discuss progress, goals, roadblocks and anything else you'd like regarding your product's development

Calendar Access: Schedule short calls to discuss specific items as they arise

Email/Message Availability: Send any questions, requests for input etc

Product Planning


Requirement Gathering: Meet with product stakeholders to document workflows and needs

Product Backlog Management: Keep the product backlog up to date and prioritized

Developer Clarification: Act as the initial point of contact when developers require clarification on a requirement

Sprint Planning: Run sprint planning meetings, ending with clear goals for everyone on the team

Sprint Reviews: Run review meetings of deliverables and update the backlog accordingly

QA Review: Review QA feedback identify if/where things are falling through the cracks

Calendar Access: Schedule short calls to discuss specific items as they arise

Email/Message Availability: Send any questions, requests for input etc